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A Place For Tradesmen & Entrepreneurs.

Buy & sell pool routes independently on our private marketplace.

Find cash deals and off-load your extra pools. Discover sellers in your city and help build your local marketplace! Looking for pool routes for sale? Check the marketplace.

The Pool Collective Marketplace

Industry Related Products & Services in the Virtual Tradeshow.

The virtual tradeshow is a place for businesses to display services and products related to the pool industry. Find new tools and solutions here!

Find Referrals, Coordinate Bulk Purchases & Offer Your Services on The Pool Pro Forum

Collaboration is the essence of success. The pool pro forum is a place to communicate with other professionals in the industry. You can offer your services, find referrals and maybe find someone to watch your route while you're on vacation.


Why The Pool Collective?


No middle man or broker taking 10-15% off the top. Your pools, your profits.

Pool Pro Forum

Find new ways to create income from your referrals. Coordinate a referral system with locals trying to grow.

Marketing Service

Get access to the marketing services that will help you grow your service business.

Create Efficiency by swapping pools

Drive time is a killer. Swap or buy pools closer to home all from our marketplace.

The Back Door to a blooming Industry

The Pool Collective is an excellent resource for new businesses & technicians to make valuable connections.

Our Labor, Our Market, Our Strength

By banding together the power stays in the hands of the people doing the work. 

No ads. Ever.

We use membership fees to operate and promote the website. If you're not paying for a product, you are the product.


You decide the value of your pools. We make sure the community sees it.

Our Marketplace is the Best Place to Buy & Sell Pools Without a Broker.


"I use the pool collective to sell accounts when I get overwhelmed. Having a large community of people who actively buy and sell accounts has been essential for finding good people to take over." 

Marc Olson

- Clear Blue Pools

"I used to use a broker to sell routes every two years at a commission. Now I get to set terms directly with the buyers."

Sara Simons

-West Coast Pool Service

“The Pool Collective gave me access to an industry that was previously out of reach. I found a route to buy in my city through the pool collective.”

Zack Hampton

- PoolProf Oakland

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You can also visit our FAQ here.

Current Regions for Pool Pro Forum:

Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California

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