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Connecting Pool Service professionals

Hey, I'm Todd Hansen co-founder of The Pool Collective and designer behind this website. I also currently operate Zion Pools, a service and repair business in Southern Utah. ( ) I've been a pool guy since 2018 when Nick showed me the ropes.

Before pools I was a student and worked many random jobs. I started servicing pools under the name "Zion Pools" in 2018 when I was 24. Like many others out there I chose this business because it was accessible and in a rapidly growing industry. I've always had a knack for mechanics and science so the chemistry and repairs came naturally. 

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Founder Story

The Pool Collective was founded during 2018 in Saint George, Utah when Todd and Nick decided informally to do business together. It started out with Nick offering Todd a chance to learn a new trade and build a pool route in Southern Utah. During the spring of 2018 Nick taught Todd all the OG methods of pool service and the basics of running a service business. Since then Todd and Nick have  grown and sold many pools to newbies and pool guys wanting to grow their route.  Now we have a chill and helpful alliance that we call "The Pool Collective". 

One day in 2021 Todd decided to build a website as a tool for trading and selling pools to people in the pool collective. This is that tool and now you get to use it too.

The Crew

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