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Long Term Goals for The Pool Collective

The Pool Collective is a tool that breaks communication barriers within the pool service industry. Our platform is designed to allow pool tradesmen, and new industry entrants, to interact on a national scale through route transactions, conversational networks & referral systems. 

Phase 1

Opening doors through collaboration.

* Private Marketplace

Buy, Sell & Trade pool accounts on the pool collective marketplace. Easily list accounts for sale or post wanted ads to attract sellers that may be on the fence. 

* Pool Pro Network

It can get lonely out there. Use the network to find new referrals, offer your services, coordinate bulk purchases or speak your mind in the Rants & Rave category.

* Marketing Services

Hire us to do various marketing services for you so that you can spend time doing the things you're already good at.  We will help you grow your business where you want it. 

Phase 2

Educating and building collective interest coming in 2022-23

* Pool Collective Academy

With The Pool Collective Academy new tradesmen will be able to gain a foundational understanding of Pool Maintenance principles from a series of detailed video courses. The academy aims to make it easier to start a pool business and train employees.  

* Virtual Tradeshow

By building a community of active professionals we can open pathways for new companies in the industry to offer their products and services. We need a surplus of good suppliers and it's our responsibility to support the quality providers. 

* Online Wholesale Store

Pricing is a major obstacle for small companies. We are working to devise a way to provide better pricing through online wholesale. This likely will lead to some sort of group purchasing process. 

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