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The Pool Collective

So.. The Pool Collective is launching in the next 30 days and we are thrilled to be offering the pool community a new resource for doing business.

The national marketplace is a tool that allows members to post private listings for their pool accounts, full routes or whole business. It's not a completely original idea but we believe that we are the right people for managing this online community.

We believe in keeping the power in the hands of the people doing the work. Though route brokerages certainly have their place, we decided that there was a better way to transact account sales in the pool industry.

Being somewhat of craigslist junkies It seemed obvious to make a similar style marketplace for the pool community. I have listed accounts for sale on craigslist but didn't get great results.

Anyway the pool collective is launching in November of 2021 and if you find this before our launch date.. well lucky you.


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